Posted: 4 October 2008 22:15

I went out to Glynde on 15th August to investigate a series of 11 buoys at the roadside shown in the photo below; the arrow indicates the position of the 11th.

Roadblock recce

I had already been out to this location and noted these buoys, but the roadblock report records the only block in the area as being about 300m south on the western approaches to Glynde bridge.

The only western approach to the bridge is the car park entrance which is flanked by a low flint wall on both sides, so I can only presume this was where the 15 buoys the report describes were located.

However, the 11 buoys are situated on a bend in the road, a good location for a roadblock. I don't know if these buoys were originally near the bridge and were later resited further north during the war or after it, or are an extra block omitted from the report; oral evidence or aerial photographs might be able to solve this mystery.

If these buoys are part of the 15 by the bridge, then the fact that 11 still remain would make it the most complete roadblock in East Sussex I've come across so far.

- Pete



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Small concrete roadblock obstacle comprising a truncated cone with domed base. A hollow shaft down the centre allowed the buoy to be manhandled using a crowbar. Buoys were deemed of little value by 1941 and cylinders seen as a better solution.

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